With their 2300 shops all around the world Max Mara Fashion Group is one of the biggest retail companies worldwide. Among their brands the most known and widespread are Max Mara and Max&Co.

Max Mara is considered one of the most important pret-a-porter brands, promoting a classic and sober style. But what this company doesn't say is how many animals die for their collections every year, full of fur in the form of trims, hats, scarves or even fur coats.

Max Mara collections have quite a lot of real fur trims. That fur they consider trendy was the skin of a wonderful animal, the only one with the right to wear it.
How can we kill a fox or a mink, take the skin off their body, just to put some trim on a hat or a jacket on show on a catwalk?
Which is the difference between the fox, an intelligent and social animal, and the companion animals everybody gives rights to? Don't they have the same feelings, the same fear, don't they have the same right to live free without being caged and tortured?

The fur industry is looking for a better image and more profits through important fashion companies like Max Mara, which everyone knows and appreciates, so that they can sell fur products to a lot of people that would never enter a proper fur-shop.

To stop the spread of fur trims and save the animals caged in fur farms we must convince Max Mara Fashion Group stop the production of these bloody clothes for all their brands, just like many designers, fashion companies and departement stores all over the world have already done.

That's why it was decided to launch a global campaign against this company.
A campaign that will go on until the company goes fur-free.

Boycott Max Mara Fashion Group - Take part in this campaign!